<h1>Faucet Security</h1>

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Faucet Security traffic comes from a variety of publishers. The antibot security challenge helps ensure that the traffic is from an actual human being. The interaction keeps the user engaged on the page.

Available ad space:
468x60 .png or .gif banner with alt text displayed on challenge page.


$10 for 1 month
$20 for 3 months
$60 for 1 year

Banner ads rotate with other ads in the same space.

Send payment to support@faucetsecurity.com through Paypal.

After payment, send an email to support@faucetsecurity.com stating what email you used to pay, how much you sent, and your advertisement. Send the ad as a .png or .gif with the alt text and destination url.

No illegal cotent allowed.

Faucet Security


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