<h1>Faucet Security</h1>

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Documentation is in the form of commented example code.

The example file is .txt. Rename it to a .php file to try it.

Click here to download commented example code.

Click here for a live example to try in your browser.

Click here to try a BTC faucet with Faucet Security.

Paying .00001 BTC CPM for valid challenge solves from 24 hour unique IP addresses. Payments are sent through the faucetpay.io micropayment processor.

For support, contact support@faucetsecurity.com. We also have a thread at Bitcoin Talk.

Enter the following code to your site. Modify the url variable to match your site in the format of www.example.com (your domain name).

The challenge result will appear at:
(replace the ip to match the user when checking the result).

The file contains the related url for verification. The file also contains either "good" or "bad" as the result.

Modify the wallet variable to your Bitcoin wallet.

Faucet Security


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